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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Anyone have any replacement grip suggestions? I went with the 4.5, but do play to re-grip them immediately.
If you replace the Prestige Pro's leather grip with a synthetic grip you could significantly alter the balance and feel, so I'd recommend caution. A Head leather grip weighs ~23g, while synthetic grips typically weigh ~15g, and an 8 gram difference in the handle is pretty significant! I have read, though, that the Gamma Hi-Tech Perforated is one of the heaviest synthetics, so if you want to go synthetic you could try it. (There's a thread in the sticky in the "Other Equipment" section on leather vs sythetic grip weight, where a bunch of the weights of grips are listed.) As for the Babolat Skin Feel, it's probably the thinnest grip out there, and basically brings you down a grip size; moreover it's extremely light and so would significantly alter the balance.--That said, if I really liked the feel and balance of the racquet but struggled with the leather, I'd probably just invest some extra money to get a Fairway or RPNY or Priority 1 leather grip, which would be much softer.
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