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Yeah that's true, I understand.

I was doing some looking last night, and the cheapest places I could find for adult programs for 1 month were around the $2000 mark. A lot of academies don't seem to have websites, according to this website (, as it just shows email/phone.. but many of the ones I have seen do have adult programs at least:

This place is in Florida and it's $550 a week, but just 3 hours a day

Some other places in Florida: (don't know price, but it would be sweet playing at the sony ericsson open haha).

Argentina also apparently has top tennis academies.. I'd have to contact for prices, but here are some programs for adults:

It's really tough finding anything below $2500-3000 a month, but I'll keep checking. And I would assume other places in South America or Asia would be much cheaper, it just takes contacting them to find prices. And post any finds as well, cause I'd really be interested in trying something!
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