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Default Update 3!

2 more rackets for sale

6. Dunlop Max200G - 3/8 Grip 5.5/10 $80 OBO
The racket is the bumperless model so there is wear on the graphite on the top of the racket. However, in no place is it close to completely wearing through and the racket is very much in playing cnodition. The racket also has (what I am assuming is the original) dark brown fairway leather grip! I think this is one from 1988 going by this post.

7. Head Arthur Ashe Competition 3 - 3/8 Grip 9.0/10 $40 OBO
This racket is in awesome condition. One side has a light scuff mark around the throat area but the rest of the racket is immaculate. It looks like it has been sitting in a tennis bag for 20+ years untouched.
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