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Originally Posted by mikej View Post
obviously, like everything you post, that is incorrect

career high 113 itf - his best result was, yes, the OB (rd of 16) - he won his first round match comfortably then got a 4-3 ret in rd of 32

you have google like the rest of us right? is there a reason you just guess at everything on these boards, and your guesses are always in the same direction (making things look better for your son)...never in a million years will you guess the other direction and say he made the rd of 32 when he actually made the rd of 16

you can fudge facts all you want - again, yet another thing that doesn't pay the bills on tour
"What I heard , what I was told" really are you that stupid and your typical of what colleges are producing , I know I have a troll like you on here doing alll my research for me so why would I begin to type google . Remember I have you here cause I want you here !
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