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Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
Everything that happens distracts you to some point as your brain processes what it was that you heard and then decides how to respond (even ignoring it is a response). Any distraction no matter how small may be just enough to make you not concentrate enough on your shot so that you end up missing.

The rules say you are not allowed to talk while the ball is heading towards your opponent , if you do and they hear it they are within their rights to call a hinderance. It doesn't matter how loud you said what ever it was. The fact that you said it and they heard it means they were distracted to some degree.
I don't dispute what you say or what the rule is.

What I can say that I have played a bucket-load of USTA matches, and a lot of people talk/yell when they are supposed to be quiet. Yet I've never called a hindrance before and have never been called for one.

What that says to me is that players are not in fact as easily distractable as you suggest.

I guess what I am saying is that a player who claims a point due to hindrance if their opponent says something legitimate should be quite clear in their own mind that they were in fact hindered. I sensed in some of the posts that folks were calling hindrance due merely to the fact that the opponents talked and not necessarily because they were hindered by the talking.
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