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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Why the sudden interest in dealing with sidespin suresh? heheheh
Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
How many players can hit a side-topspin? are you a DI player? otherwise I would say it is so rare that you can ignore it (most TS strokes have a very light Sidespin component but nothing heavy).

In table tennis (were side spin has a much bigger role than in tennis) they say you should counter spin with the same opposite spin.
Answer to second quote can be found implicitly in the first quote.

I know about the same spin theory in table tennis and it is used mainly on the serve. The rule is to push back towards the side the server's swing originated. It amounts to playing with the spin, not against it.

The first problem is tennis is that the opponent is too far across and moving to be able to determine the spin from the stroke easily.

Second is that the coefficient of restitution is not high enough in tennis strings to get the ball back without conscious effort. But I see what you are saying and I do try it - e.g., a forehand ball going away from the body with side spin is amenable to a DTL shot, which means going with the spin.

But what is the general solution?

So far what I have got is to read and wait, then to get low and hit through the ball. But the movement of the ball in the air as well as its creeping effect on the strings is bothering me.

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