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Originally Posted by comeback View Post
One thing that must be difficult for a player is to lose to someone you used to beat consistently..It's only happened to me once in my life but even though i liked the guy, i had a very hard time with it.
Yes, people get very upset when the rug is pulled out from under them. I used to play a lot of pushers, so that I could learn to beat them and move on to improve. It was always very cordial, I never criticized the pusher style of play, and I always thanked them for playing because I really appreciated the opportunity to get better. They all were happy to play as often as possible.

I lost a LOT till I got good enough to execute the kinds of things that beat pushers (net play, etc). Without exception, not one single pusher friend wanted to ever play again once it became apparent that I would win every time. I guess there is just too much self-esteem tied up in recreational tennis for some people.

One guy made me laugh, though. The last time we ever played, I won with some good S&V that day - placed my serve well, crisp volleys, nice short points - never let the guy get into any prolonged moonball fests. After he lost, the guy told me how much better I could be if I could only maintain a rally.
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