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The whole issue for me, was the fumbling nature of the energy/in the hands and in the mind, while learning the new knots, and that relation to the increased brain activity, and how it also probably relates to any new learning experience, and our own felt failures on the court. All of us can relate to it. We all have the same feelings of disconnection and frustration when learning and losing.

Some of us experience unconscious play, in the so called zone. The small red dot, versus the whole purple field lit up. So how do we access thoughtless, natural zone play? Lots of reps so the shots and strategies are second nature. Lots of match play with the same guy so we can get used to his style. Lots of reps on our own strengths, returns, serves, etc. Memorization isn't everything, or we would be able to zone out any day. So what makes the energy we feel zoned out special? Why is our level higher than normal? No one really can explain it, why the energy is faster (so our experienced energy is slower), why the ball gets as big as a grape fruit, like it's on a T. Desire is related to it. Emotions are also. Desire is both an emotion, and an adrenalized state when zoned. If I could bottle that energy I'd be a billionaire already. It's an unconscious connection to the zone energy field we normally don't access. We are all in pursuit of the red dot.

I'd like to see the scan when I'm in the zone. I'll bet it's on the horizon, that we will be able to zone out on command, not just due to the talent some have in obtaining that felt energy, but as an exercise we are all able to polish just like normal practice.

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