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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I interpret this as the iPhone 5 is so easy to use, that even my 3 year old could use it back when he was 18 months old.

Android requires a college degree or higher to learn and a weekend bootcamp.
Phones do seem to be getting more complicated nowadays and there is something to be said for Apple's 'simple' user interface and the ease which your typical Apple user can access its functions in simplified form.

I read an interview with Jonathan Ive in Wired the other week following his new appointment at Apple where he talked about human interface concepts, streamlining the functionality either further with the iPhone 6 and making the UI even simpler for your typical Apple user.

It's a fascinating read and they even showed one of his initial designs for the iPhone 6 incorporating what he terms SHIC (Simplified Human Interface Concepts) which is what he reckons your typical Apple user wants. Link below.
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