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Sports psychologists believe in visualization of the result you wish to occur. Suggestion of a future reality. Ie, see yourself shaking hands, smiling accepting the winning trophy. Ie, see yourself hitting the line on your serve. Quarterbacks are taught to pat the ball to hand, before throwing, and to visualize that practice throw just before. They are taught to stagger time so it slows down. Can we really slow down time, or is that just a function of speeding ourselves up so it just seems that way?

When time seemed to slow down, it seemed that it was slower, not that I was faster. It seemed that my opponent was slower. I've also experienced time as a very fast thing, when my coil is very fast. My uncoil is very fast. They are not unrelated. You can certainly coil fast and uncoil slowly, and coil slowly and uncoil fast. We have all experienced being rushed. And rushing ourselves in time on any day/shot. The best coil fast and wait, and uncoil fast. They only have one speed to learn, one speed to defend, one speed to worry about: fast. Coil fast and wait fast. Uncoil fast. Recover fast. Move to ball fast. Etc. fast. Run around your back hand fast. Hit only forehands fast. Learn one thing and do it well fast. Speed is coachable to a degree. Is time coachable? Is the zone? How much of the zone occurs due to self belief? Mentor suggestions? And our experience of time/energy within our own bodies. For most, it's just an accident, and for some, it's a daily occurrence.

Those who focus on speeding up their felt energy inside their own bodies have more of a chance of replicating dominant play.

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