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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post

I agree with DD, the ball bearings should not be cleaned, as they may rust if using a a water based product or alcohol. If that does occur, lubricate with oil or even better grease. WD-40 is good for a short time, as it dries out quickly. A PTFE grease, like Grease Lightening or CLP Break Free is what I use.

As for RPM Blast, it has a PTFE (Teflon) coating which transfers to the gripping surface of the tensioner.
It should be noted that WD-40 isn't designed (really) to be a "lubricant". It's designed to be used to disperse water (hence, the "W.D."). Most people USE it as a lubricant, but you know... Silicone spray would work OK here, too.

(Another note: PTFE is the industry abbreviation for teflon).
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