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Originally Posted by SusanDK View Post
I'm guilty of this one. I always recalled Becker being an exceptional clutch server. Is it possible that he converted a high number of second serves as well? So instead of just looking at first serves under pressure, I wonder what his stats are in terms of points made on serve when break point down.

Or perhaps he was particularly good when down break point in the most tense and critical situations, which gave the impression of him being a great clutch server. For example, converting a break point at 1-2 in the second set is not nearly as critical as doing so at 4-5 in the fourth.
Not sure how good or bad Becker was at saving break points in general. Obviously you can't be that bad if you reach #1 and win 6 Slams.

One match I remember where Becker saved a ton of break points was against Wheaton at Wimbledon in '91. He was unbroken, but he had to save 10 break points.
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