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Just pokin' my head in for a few quiet minutes before the chaos that is Election Day starts up.

Had the opportunity to hit some (fairly serious) singles today but got the extra benefit of being on the court next to a 4.5+/5.0 pair goin' at in singles too. Man! Or Woman (since it was gals)! They were hitting the bejeezus outa the ball and keepin' it in play. Massive amounts of spin -- top and slice -- and incredible athleticism to get to balls sprayed all over the court.

But just when we'd get lulled into watching a point, one might make a silly error...that us lowly 3.5/4.0s make. And they'd laugh about it too. I'll never have their skill level but I sure would like to improve enough to hit with them some time....even if just for some doubles fun.

Hope all are well, can find some court time...and get yo-selfs out to vote tomorrow.
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