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I've only called one, and even then I didn't take the point, but it wasn't for a celebration. I played a guy at a tournament once, and he started getting into the habit of cursing every time he gave me a sitter and I was about to put it away. He'd hit it short, I'd run up and get set, and right when I started my forward swin(2HIT!!!)g.... you get the idea. He was pretty loud w/ it. The first one I framed because I lost concentration, but just let it go. The next time, I missed another one and told him he had to stop yelling when I was about to put away a short ball. I didn't take the point, though I could have, and he was quiet the rest of the match (3 and 0 to me as I recall)

I tried to call one on myself today actually. In the middle of a rally, I hit a backhand that I just KNEW was going in the net, and before I could stop myself, I let out a lighthearted growl. The ball cleared the net cleanly (by about a 1/4 inch), went in, and we had about 3 more shots each, but I gained control of the point on the shot that I yelled on, and won the point w/ a winner. I immediately apologized for the yell, and offered him the point, but he wouldn't take it, then I offered to replay the point, which he also refused. He ended up winning 4 and 4, so it worked out for him
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