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In districts two years ago I unwittingly initiated a hindrance call. The opponents hit a short lob that I was about to hit. The lobee yelled very loudly to warn his partner. I genuinely was distracted and missed the the overhead ... however, I know that after missing the shot it could no longer be considered a hindrance.

I knew I could not have two bites at the apple but, I asked the guy not to yell mid point in the future. This fellow got quite upset, and was certain that he was allowed to warn his partner and called the referee over. He was surprised to to learn that he could not yell in this instance. Furthermore the ref had heard this commotion but was uncertain which court it had come from... it was quite a loud warning ... When he learned it was from our opponents during play he awarded us the point, despite my admittance that I had missed the ball.

This is the only time I have ever "called" or had called a hindrance on my court.
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