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Originally Posted by Feña14 View Post
Nice! I still think that we need a couple of strikers, probably 2 and Lukaku for next season. Sturridge will probably go, and it's probably time to move Torres on.

They talk about Remy, Schurrle and Martinez, which is fine. A world class striker and one of those, with Lukaku is probably the way to go. Falcao is the best in the world, there aren't many arguments there. If they would rather pay £10 Million less and get Cavani as the main man then that's an option, but a top man with a lesser striker who is comfortable off the bench and Lukaku seems like the right thing to do.
It definitely is time for Torres to move on, perhaps we could send him somewhere with cash in hand for someone else? Sturridge will go too, I actually think he should go abroad. Italy perhaps? Soldado would fit the bill for striker, I think he'd come cheap. And I have always loved the way Valencia play, he'd feel right at home with Mata peppering balls into the box for him. Hell, maybe we could send Torres to Barcelona for Villa? That would be awesome, Villa is amazing.

As for midfield, I think you're right when you point out those three. Who else is out there, maybe Gundogan as you've said before, maybe the Bender twins, Badstuber perhaps? Hell, we could probably get M'Villa on the cheap now that he's been crap this season and the Arsenal interest never came to fruition, and he's still a good player.
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