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I thought you said you started the sequence by going down the line. That's different than being in the middle.

the shorter the ball the less momentum matters. And if you run correctly ie by cutting off the angle there is still momentum no matter where you hit it but won't matter much. and there's also angular momentum.

going dtl is a low percentage shot coming from a cc. you're changing the direction of the ball (low percentage) plus your hitting over high part of net( low percentage). Plus you didnt say what the opponent is doing. is he recovering to right of center after his shot ball? is he coming in? is he waiting cc? did he take a step up? is he behind the baseline?

if i hit a short cross court and you have to run in im going to take a step in and bisect the angle and adjust according to the height that you're going to be able to reach the ball. if you're going to reach it low then i'm going to give mental weight to anticipating dtl because i can reach it no matter what you do cuz it will most likely be soft because you have to hit over high part of the net. all the other shots (cc, etc) i have covered by my physical position so i don't have to worry about those shots.

when you go dtl you give up the whole lot of court. so you are saying you went dtl w/ an inside in just to change direction and then want to go dtl again from a short ball? what if he gets to that ball? you're at the net near the sideline and he's most likely got a soft ball from you to hit.

inside in dtl should be aggressive. not just a change in direction. otherwise you're just protecting a weakness and it becomes obvious and subject to repeated attacks. when you protect a weakness you give up something else. like court position. It would be a better play to continue to hit cross court or i/o fh until you got an attackable ball instead of dtl to change direction.

it's hard to say what to do because it's already not an ideal situation and i don't know your level. hitting 2 opposite dtl's in a row is not something you should do often. too much open court.

It sounds like you're playing without a strategy. Just reacting. If your bh is weak then you should already have established patterns of play to protect it. You don't have a bh slice to deuce side? You could also hit straight up the middle hard and a little deep to get them to stop hitting to your bh. you can use moonballs, drop shots, battering ram, a looping shot dtl would be better too. it would give you time to recover. etc
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