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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
You don't know what barely off means? Or are you just being sarcastic? Barely off means exactly that, you will learn if you get good, instead of hitting right to your opponents forehand, you hit it "barely off" to his forehand. Following?

Instead of hitting to his forehand which is to his left, hit it more to his left, this throws a player off-guard, you can see Fed do it every match, he is famous for a slice to his opponents backhand, same shot again, then again, then rip it short, barely off what he did before, that's enough to take a guy out of his rythmm.
Oh i see. 'barely off'. yea we use that term all the time when discussing tennis.

You didnt say "you hit barely off to his forehand". You said " I was barely off on my backhand side". So unfortunately i'm still not good enough to understand what you mean here.

Maybe you mean you hit it wider? Hit it out of his reach? Don't hit the ball right to him? Hit it where he isn't? Mix it up?

You do know that tonlars is a 6.0 right? I'm pretty sure he doesn't hit the same ball right to his opponent over and over and knows how to mix things up and throw opponents off their rythm. Maybe during the point you saw that was the strategy he was employing.

So where's the vid of this point(s) in question so we can discuss the 'evidence' of your insightly observations?
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