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Energy felt inside the body isn't just force applied to shots, through upper/lower body uncoils, it's tinged with emotion/s, fumbling/learning shots, psych/fear/confidence cocktails, and technical skill/lack of. Intention and fear guides/controls all force in athletic action. There is the over riding intention to not lose, to hit/play well, but it's often blocked by many interior and exterior issues. Some energy is exterior. From opponent/ psyches and shots, from the onlookers, from the weather, sun, etc.

At any time fear can poison our clean adrenalized energy, and turn adrenaline into a negative, blocking force which blocks energy, instead of aiding it. So what makes adrenaline positive and negative, and what makes energy positive and negative? We can still miss shots no matter what type of internal energy we are using. Fearful energy causes more errors, and positive energy ignores them. You just know you are going to play/move/hit well no matter the mistakes, versus fearing. Some call it self belief, but it's really creating a future reality by visualizing it, knowing it will occur regardless of blockages.

Most energy we feel is interior, inside us, and it determines mostly whether we learn, play well, adjust, or not. It's more than just neurons firing, and so is will. So is desire. So is intention. These exist inside and outside of ourselves simultaneously.

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