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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Give us a break! Yea, watching a match with a beer in hand it's easy to say "Oh he should do this and that", but if he's NOT a 5.5 I don't know who is.

If you want to get super critical, yet, he reacts instead of placing shots, he gives free shots to his opponents forehands, but to criticize, please......

I'm a 5.5, I played Justin Bower, who beat Mardy Fish, second only to Fed as far as longest time without a loss, and has been in all four GS's, and yea I could handle his shots, the DIFFERENCE is that no matter how hard or left then right I hit it, he was there, with a big smile on his face, once I was barely out of position, he NAILED a shot that only "Speedy Gonzalez" could get.

These true 7.0 players are off the charts, they create things. Knowledge is doing what it taught, creativity is CREATING KNOWLEGE, something humans have.

So please, rate the guy what you like, and yea he made mistakes in play, but in rough play he's there.
I can confirm that Bower is filthy. He coached me for a while when I was in juniors still. Absolute animal, you really wonder how his career would have panned out differently had he not had all his knee problems.
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