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Originally Posted by FD3S View Post
A lot of people seem to like that swap! In 2012 it's not a bad choice if you can afford it, though a lot of people still seem to swear by the 13B's, if only b/c of the power per liter measurement. Yeah it's a stat that's kind of useless for typical driving, but I find it downright interesting from a technical standpoint. Gotta give props to the LS1 for causing a hell of a lot less heartbreak over the years though!

Oh, man. What kind of mods did you have on that MR2 (SW20, I'm guessing?)

Yup SW20. I literally just sold it last week. Here is a copy/paste from my for sale post. To be honest though, my friends LS1 swapped FC was one of the most fun cars I've ever driven. And the FD has to be one of the most beautiful cars to ever come out of Japan.

I need a more mature non-boyracer toy now that I've hit 25. I'm torn between a NSX or Elise. I almost went Porsche 996 but, the car is downright ugly... those headlights!

Anyway to the mod list.

Greddy T67 Turbo 8cm Housing
Greddy Tubular Exhuast Manifold with Brace
Greddy External Wastegate
Greddy 3" Downpipe
Greddy Type R BOV
Custom 4" Intake

Spearco Air to Water Intercooler Core Mounted in Engine bay
OEM Lexus Heat Exchanger up front
Trunk Mounted Resevoir Tank and Pump

Forged CP 8.5:1 Compression Pistons 86.5mm
Forged Eagle Rods
Ferrea 1mm Oversized Valves
Shimless Buckets
ARP Head Bolts
ARP Connecting Rod Bolts
ARP Main Bolts
HKS 264 Intake Cams
HKS 264 Exhaust Cams
HKS Cam Gears
Greddy Catch Can
Bored .020 Over.
ATS Racing Headgasket.
HKS Dual Dragger Exhaust
Ross Machine Racing (RMR) Intake Manifold
BBK 75mm Throttle Body
MoTec M4 Engine Management System

Fuel System:
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
850cc Top Feed Injectors
HUX Racing Top Feed Fuel Rail
Braided Stainless Steel Lines

ACT 6 Puck Clutch
93 E153 Transmission
OEM Limited Slip Differential

Tein HA Coilovers
Suspension Technique Front Sway Bar
Suspension Technique Rear Sway Bar
TRD Rear Strut Bar
Polyurethane Motor Mounts
Crossed Drilled Front Rotors
Aftermarket Rear Stabilizer Bar

TRD Shift Knob
AEM Uego Air-Fuel Guage
AEM True Boost Controller and Guage
Stainless Steel Door Sills
Leather Door Inserts
Personal Steering Wheel
A'PEXi Turbo Timer

Lexus RX300 Projectors and OEM Denso Parts
94 Rear JDM Spoiler
94 Rear JDM Tail Lights and Center Panel
94 JDM Trunklid with GT-S Emblem
OEM 93 Front Lip
Color Matched Mouldings

I'm a poser and a wannabe but still probably better than you.

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