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I guess it is still situational.
If you are still inside the court around the service line, you could go down the line and close in at the net. Crosscourt would be the percentage play for him, but you could cover it unless it was really sharp. If you go crosscourt, you are leaving too much court wide open - unless it is a quality shot (very short sharp or very hard and deep.)

If you are inside the court between service and baseline, you are probably better of going cross court. If he smacks DTL winner, that's too good.

If you are pulled off the court, you just gotta pick a place and try to finish the point..

This is why inside in forehand from backhand corner has to put your opponent on defense or force an error. You have way too much to lose to hit this shot to change the direction. You are better off hitting more inside-out forehand to elicit a weaker reply to the mid-court.
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