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Originally Posted by NMTennis View Post
Goober and Jamauss = Thank you again. The conference is at the Mayo Clinic Education center - I believe it is on the the main hospital campus.

Looked at the two places you mentioned Goober, but both more than I am willing to spend. Three that look reasonable include the Arizona Biltmore, Intercontinental or RItz Carlton. Are these a reasonable distance to Mayo? What is you take on these places?
Thanks again... I really appreciate it since I don't know these places...
Well you should make sure which place is the correct one because one is like 30 minutes away from the other. The one that is further away will greatly limit what tennis choices you have- but it depends what you are looking for tenniswise.

I am surprised that the Biltmore and Ritz Carlton are more expensive? The Marriott is definitely a lower end hotel compared to those two. I don't know much about the tennis scene at any of those places- no USTA teams play out of there that I know of. I am going to guess the tennis scene is limited. Both are about 25-35 minutes away from main hospital and close to 50-60 minutes away from the clinic.
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