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Originally Posted by xFullCourtTenniSx View Post
If I can beat someone by hitting crosscourt all day, forcing them to beat me or until I get a short ball to attack, I see no reason to change it.

I hate hitting backhands down the line because I hate hitting anything down the line (forehands included) unless it's off a short ball or I'm attacking.

I'll try throwing in more drop shots later on. I don't want it to end up being a bail out shot that becomes overused whenever I'm under pressure. Djokovic did that to Federer in the 2007 US Open and got WRECKED for it. The only difference in my mentality when someone uses a lot of drop shots on me is to watch for it if I hit short, which means I'll hug the baseline more even if I hit short.
This shot (actually the entire sequence) is what I mean, only a bit shorter. Instead of hitting the ball from on top of the baseline, I'll be like at least 5 feet in so my weight will be moving more forward, as opposed to running to the side, planting, and ripping it. Given that same shot/situation at my skill level, I'd just rip it to whichever side I feel like. I'd lean more to the down the line, and hit it crosscourt whenever I feel like they will cheat to the down the line (like Murray did). Note that Federer initiates his split step from the ad court and finishes it in the middle of the court. This is basically the exact situation I'm talking about.

It's not a situation I want to avoid. On the contrary, it's a situation I want to reproduce as often as possible (would certainly shorten my points a fair bit). This is a situation in which I am 100% comfortable and am on complete offense. The reason I asked about it, was to ask if going crosscourt in this situation is ever really advised, because I can always comfortably go down the line and big. However, if it is recommended that I hit the crosscourt variation, then I will work on that. Otherwise, I will hit every last one of these short balls down the line.

And I don't really hit a soft inside in forehand ever unless I put a LOT of topspin on it to keep them back. I almost always rip it with a lot of spin or with a combination of spin and drive. If I think about it, if I ever go for this shot, my instincts will always say to go for it (because it is a chance for me to 1) get a winner, 2) force an error, or 3) go on the offensive/transition to the net). The only time I'll ease up on it is if I take it way early (basically a swinging half volley) while moving forward and transitioning to the net. So I guess in retrospect, if I did initiate the sequence with the inside in forehand, then I drew out a weak ball that I sort of have to run up for. Either way, it's a kill but I'm more comfortable hitting it down the line. I probably initiate this sequence more often than not with a backhand drive down the line.

I guess I'm more cautious about more outright aggression because I used to just bash the ball mindlessly for winners, and it wasn't really the best course of action. At this point I'm just rallying until I see an opportunity to let loose on a forehand.

I'll look at the FYB videos. Most of my patterns are derived from watching pros play then instinctually repeating them. I try to avoid down the line though unless it's off of a short ball or a slower shot with a forehand.
Fed set that whole point up. his dtl bh was heavy and he was recovering as soon as it left his racquet and was back to center already as murray hit the ball from a defensive position plus his split step was exceptional. these 3 things factors equal time taken away from murray. it was an easy put away because fed was basically waiting for the only reply murray had in that situation. Fed wasn't 'reacting' in this situation. So it's kind of a different situation than yours.

You can go cross court if you see opponent is sprinting to recover. You can deceive and feint going dtl to make him sprint that way. then hit behind.

What's a typical play pattern you use currently?
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