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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
Yeah, it's definitely sweet.

BTW- you got Black Ops 2 on Pre-order? I'm thinking about it, but even if I do get it, I won't be able to play it much right now. Nothing is worst then watch a new game you really want to play collect dust.
Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
where do you get half off lunch!

so auzzie when are you around??
@JRStriker Didn't get it either. I figure I can get it cheaper than $48 (cheapest I can find so far) in a couple of months. But I am on your boat as well. Don't really have much time to play. I'll get my tush beaten up by teenies anyways regardless whether I am playing on Day 1.

@zap yep. half price food by the lb line. Instead of $8/lb it's $4/lb. But then I usually just get salad anyways, so they are still making a ton of money from me regardless. Like Downs say, I am paying $4 for a lb of lettuce.

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