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Originally Posted by lovethetriangle View Post
Wow I clearly remember watching this match, one of Agassi's first tournaments without the long hair. Plus the Koala bear with the trophy.
I was at this match and you are correct, it was Agassi's come out of the closet about his baldness tournament. The Melbourne media nicknamed him the "Black Prince", sort of like a pirate, he had the goatie as well.

Like I said, I was at this match and I was a big Sampras fan. Agassi was on fire the whole tournament, not having dropped a set before the final. Sampras on the otherhand had a couple of epic matches, especially the now famous match against Courier where he was crying on court because of his coach. Sampras won the first set but I had this strong feeling in my own mind that if it got to a set all Agassi would win, and that's what happened.
That is all.
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