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Originally Posted by FD3S View Post
^ That's a gorgeous car. Guessing you tracked it?

If you can find an NSX in decent shape for a decent price I'd say go for that - it's a design that (to me) has aged just as well as the FD. Elise's make for fun toys though Have you considered the FR-S/BRZ? It's been getting solid reviews from most people, and at this point in time it's probably a better bet then restoring an AE86, as venerable as that car is. Are you dead set on RWD?
Yup, the best looking cars from that age were the NSX, FD, and SW20.

RWD is the only way to go. Ever.

FR-S/BRZ while a great feeling/driving car, is just a little too gutless for me. Plus, if I went with the Toyota version, I could never see myself putzing around in a Scion (Shallow I know.)

But, to be honest I'm leaning away from the NSX as I'm a little tired of older cars, there is always something to fix. The other option I'm thinking of is moving to just one car for everyday driving instead like a 2009 Z4 or a Cayman.
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