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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Well, it finally happened. I called a hindrance and claimed the point. That hasn't happened to me in seven years of USTA play.

The opponent (mixed dubs) was a lady I know well. She is, erm, exuberant on the court. She celebrates her own winners with gusto. She laments errors loudly. Many people, including her partners, find this bothersome. When she was my teammate, some ladies objected to playing with her because they didn't like it (especially the outbursts following their errors).

So. We were in the middle of the first set. I hit a shot and approached the net. She popped the ball over my male partner's head, and he leapt but couldn't reach it. I took off running and caught up with the ball.

As I was still running and getting ready to hit a FH lob, I heard all this celebrating and carrying on from my female opponent. This hollering was nothing in particular (she wasn't doing anything legitimate like warning her partner to back away from an impending smash). No, she was doing war whoops, loud enough for me to hear in a noisy bubble.

I yelled "HINDRANCE!" and stopped the point. My female opponent and her partner were apologetic, but I really felt the celebration was over the top while I was lining up my shot. Knowing how she plays, I felt I needed to put a stop to it. She remained quiet for the rest of the match.

Anybody else ever claim hindrance for a premature celebration?

I want to hear an update when you see her next.
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