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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
What's all this about ... I am lost ? I grew up listening to Bach and reading Shakespeare
What's all this about? It's all about the same type of "my favorite band/pro" Fed vs Rafa sniping and backbiting you see in the Pro Player section.

Summed up: While Brian Wilson is a lunatic genius (no argument here), John "Tomorrow Never Knows" Lennon and McCartney (when they weren't writing and giving away #1 hit tunes for others to record, e.g. Peter & Gordon) were mere hacks who paled in comparison. Geo. Harrison couldn't play slide guitar worth a lick let alone pen a tune...and as for Ringo (the "dumb" Beatle) Starr, well, when it comes to recording hit songs, I guess 'it don't come easy' either.

Speaking of Ringo, some trivia: name of The Rolling Stones' 2nd released single?
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