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On the Fed/Murray point, Murray got himself in trouble on his backhand off Fed's return. Murray's cc backhand was short and weak. This weak, short shot gave Fed options. Fed chose to hit into the open court dtl. Fedís dtl shot hurt Murray even more. Murray had to now run this ball down and really didnít have many high percentage options. He could try dtl with an on the run fh, but thatís would have been a higher risk shot and because the recovery from a running fh would have left almost the whole court open he would have need to put it away. Murray went cc, which was the higher percentage play and would give Fed less winner options, but again he didnít get much on the ball and didnít get it that deep. Fed had set-up for the cc response, but with Murrayís weaker reply all Fed had to do was hit behind Murray. The only way Murray could have covered Fedís cc winner was to guess.

Murray lost that point on the short bh he hit. The cc fh might have been able to get him out of trouble if it had been really good, but it wasn't.
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