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Originally Posted by Mike Y View Post
I see this a lot in the lower levels and in Mixed, but I see it less often at the higher levels. But I don't understand why it is necessary to warn your partner of a short lob. If you are not looking back at your partner to see where they are hitting the ball, then it is like if you are at a baseball game and you are trying to see if a fly ball is going to be a home run. Watch the outfielder. Or in this case, watch the net person. If you see them running forward and winding up to hit an overhead, then you should probably protect yourself or turn around. You don't have to worry about the "fake double-play", or fake overhead, in tennis.

I understand why folks want to be warned. If I hit a bad lob from the baseline, there will be a moment or two when I know I have hit a bad lob but my partner does not.

Yes, my partner can react to the overhead set-up of the opposing net player, but that set-up will happen a few moments after the ball leaves my racket.

When a smash is coming, a few moments matters.
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