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Originally Posted by WARPWOODIE View Post
That is a great idea!! ....but how would those points be applied?...say for a freshmen still playing the 14s versus a senior who is in the 18s. In HS tennis, the age of players doesn't factor in the play.

Better yet, allow the one on one match ups of the tournament playing kids to reflect their match results in their TRN profiles, provided they already have TRN ratings. By doing so, it gives the tournament playing kids, who never would have considered playing HS tennis, a second look. Their is plenty of high level competition in HS league and State Championships. I even heard, but can't confirm, that colleges coaches/recruiters show up to watch players that have interest in their programs.
H.S. matches would all count as 18u matches. If H.S. tournaments were counted by the USTA, then by defualt the would count towards TRN, under TRN's requirements, etc. Yea, it would be great for H.S. tennis to get ranking points. They would have to be local or section type points at the most, better than nothing. Here's the downside, it would likely require all H.S. tennis players to have a USTA membership. Some players or schools could not afford to pay each players dues. So something would have to give. The biggest problem would be national adoption of the idea. If the USTA was smart they would pursue it more. Possibly allow for free memberships for H.S. players for example between March and June for those who only play H.S. tennis. And discounts for those who actually played H.S. during the school year. It's a cool concept but if you can get the USTA, then all the state H.S. athletic associations to adopt it, the next step would be to relay on the coaches to get all their players signed up.

Maybe this could be done for TRN purposes only. Sort of like some of the ITF's played here in the states.

I see more roadblocks than pathways. Maybe I'm a little short sighted on the whole concept.
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