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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post

I understand why folks want to be warned. If I hit a bad lob from the baseline, there will be a moment or two when I know I have hit a bad lob but my partner does not.

Yes, my partner can react to the overhead set-up of the opposing net player, but that set-up will happen a few moments after the ball leaves my racket.

When a smash is coming, a few moments matters.
I disagree that warning would give you a few extra moments if you know what to look for. The net person moving into position and hearing the warning are at worst instantaneous, and the net person likely starts to move into position first. In fact, I will often hear someone give a warning in response to the net person moving into position.

It is probably a habit you would want to get out of. Giving warning of bad lobs exposes your team to possible hindrance calls against you. You say that your partner likes to hear the warnings, but it is against the rules. It is like if your partner says they like to foot fault and then just letting them do so.
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