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Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
Don't be fooled by the people telling you the Nexus 7 is as good and save the money. The Apple experience is still SO much better than the Nexus. Feel good about your mini.

I have a Nexus 7 that I use to develop work applications - since we are too cheap to buy iPhones for our workers, so they get Androids (unless you're an executive, then you get an iPhone).

Have mini on order but I'm thinking why am I spending so much money on the mini when I can just use this $250 Nexus like my iPad? So I tried.

On paper it's got all the right specs. The major apps are all there. Why not?

Just like Apple used to say, the i<stuff> "just works". 70% of the Nexus is a struggle:

* Mail is fine. No issues there. Except that you get a gMail app and a mail app. Spent a while trying to add my imap mail to the google mail app before I realized there was an other app for email. Got that now.

* Web browser (chrome) is OK. But text is not much better than the mini (a little). Still need to expand it to read. What's really missing is the READER feature of Safari. Works brilliantly to give you nice readable web page on the mini.

* Tried to watch a movie off my DLNA server. First go off to the Play store. Download and install the highest rated app or two. Klunky interface but finds my server. Try to play. No video player embedded in the DLNA app. Huh? Need to use a separate add on video player. Download one. Works crappy. Plays one type but not the other. Download another one. Plays both but has all kind of weird screens before and after playing. Oh yeah, neither seems to remember where I stopped off if I stop a movie mid way. No 30 second forward or skip buttons. Download a few more video players. Ugh. Finally have one that sees to work.

Whoops, accidentally got into screen shot mode on this player. Takes a picture. Pops up again. Hit cancel, takes another picture. Stuck in loop. Reboot. Now have about 10 screenshots in some folder somewhere. Have to go download a file app to find the pictures and delete them.

Now I'm using the tablet in portrait. Every time I play a video it spins over to landscape mode. Have to turn tablet. Stop playing. Goes back to portrait, turn back. No way to stop it from turning sideways.

Figure, let's just use the ABC app and watch it there. Nothing in the play store from ABC networks. Lots of kid games and apps from local affiliates. Give up on that.

I could go on...

Now I know some of this is just finding the good apps. I also know that your common apps like Groupon, maps, Angry birds are going to be OK. But it's still the wild west out there on a Nexus.

***It's designed by engineers and that's exactly how it behaves.****

It's gotten better over the years. Android 4.x is usable. But it still is a hassle.

Back to the iPad with great relief. Blood pressure down. Extra $100, not feeling so bad about that...
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