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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I don't pick on engineers and scientists. My current g/f is head scientist for the micro biology lab here in AlbanyCa., USDA.
PowerPlayer, who thinks he's an artist, thinks like an engineer. A + B MUST = C, no other possible answer. And, "if I turn 12 degrees left, internally supinate, the ball WILL GO faster and stronger"...
That's PPlayer's thinking. And when he reads a post, he takes it literally. Like I think I can stand in to hit with Stosur. I already said countless times I'm a 4.0. As a 4.0, out of 10 groundies she hits to me, I can shank 3 off the court, hit 4 short and weak back, and hit the net 3 times, just like the guy in the vid did. As can YOU, as can PowerPlayer, as can almost anyone here.
Now if Nalbandian was hitting to me, I'd do twice as badly, because he hits with depth and is not trying to hit easy to start with. I might just shank 7, dump 2 into the net, and hit one long.
NOW, PowerPlayer will come back and say I can't hit 4 back, but in reality, only 3. That's how PowerPlayer thinks, and that's why his thread on his service motion will never be resolved.
Was this post even necessary? LeeD, you poor soul.

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