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Hey Pickle panties.

I told my Mixed Coach yesterday that I'm not playing this year. She has yet to respond. I think she was over-taken with Epic Sadness that her broken down 4.5 spaz master with no backhand ditched the team. As I was the guy who was always on time. I was the guy that always paid, I was the guy that always showed up early for practice. Of course all of that was in hopes of getting GOATed by one of our 5.0 Epic Tennis Babes but they were always too sweaty and grossed out to consider GOATing after a match or practice.

I haven't played in 6 weeks. I'm not up for the challenge at this moment. But the idea is salaciously seductive and I'd even finance a full blown production - 4 cameras, audio, documentary footage and Dennis/J011y/Drak/Suresh/Fedace do the commentating.

You should have asked 6 months ago. We coulda had an Epic Battle.

I'm afraid I've lost the Eye of the Tiger for tennis. Now I know how Borg felt, and how Rafur feels now. Its weird how you lose interest in something so quickly and the passion is gone. To think that I would wake up at 5am and take the L train to McCarran 3 days a week to play 4.5 GOAT winter tennis just sickens me now. I don't regret being an idiot for tennis at all. But I just don't see myself doing that kind of thing anymore. Its weird. But I don't feel sad about it. I do feel sad that I never played with the 9.8 KPS 88 that Power GOAT Player sent me.

I actually spent about 2 hours creating an Epic For Sale thread but the Mods never approved it, I'm not sure why. It included virtually all of my tennis gear.
All of my GHOATs and all of my sticks, even my Sampras 88 6 pack bag blobber.

Perhaps the fire in the belly for Federer Polos will come back and we artfully execute an Epic TT Exo, but today in my state of mind after the crushing blows of the September 8th incident, I've lost all the forceful wind in my sail. I am Hollow, like a TS Eliot poem: existing, breathing, but far from living.

I still stand by Rogi though, and I will aim for GOAT Talk Tennis post status, one poast at a time...and the Eagle will never fade from my soul, even if my PS 90 Basalt based weapon of war gets sold on the Bay for $100 or more...
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