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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
FWIW, NTRPolice, I disagree that it is a bad idea to warn your partner of a short lob.

I have had partners explicitly ask me to warn them of short lobs. I give the warning if I think of it, and I appreciate it when they do it for me.

Yes, giving a warning runs the microscopic risk that some opponent someday might claim hindrance and claim the point. Failing to give a warning, however, risks that (1) your net player will be surprised by a short lob, and (2) that partner will dislike playing with you because you throw up short lobs but won't warn.

I think if we took a show of hands of how many people here have ever had an opponent claim hindrance if they say "Short" or "Watch it" or "Watch out" when they hit a short lob, very few people would say this happens.

I think it happens even less at the higher levels because players know that giving a warning is quite common.
As others have said, there isnt really a reason to have to "warn" your partner unless they're an absolute beginner or have not developed the common sense part of their game yet...

Most of the time you'll be looking at the net player, so you can see when they start to "load" for that overhead. If they're standing a ft. from the net while they "load" then you know that lob is really short and should probably turn around so you dont get hit in the face (lol).

If you're looking backwards, you were probably looking back for a line call if the ball looks like its close. In these cases, you can tell what shot your partner is hitting because you'll see them at about the same time you see the ball.

The only other time I can think of when im looking backwards is when I hear the impact of the ball, but I dont see the ball go past me in a reasonable amount of time. In these cases, ill take a look back to see what the problem is. Usually this is a "decent" lob so ill start backing up a little.

It happens less at higher levels because people know its against the rules, people will call it when its "most convenient", people can and will bean you out of spite (or even for fun) if you're yelling in their take backs, and your net player probably isnt some type of moron.
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