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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
The more important question is: regardless of their training, even if someone can make the diagnosis of disc herniation, can they tell you with certainty that it is causing the symptoms that made you go see them in the first place?
Well, I think it depends on what the symptoms are that the patient is complaining of, but I think if an ortho or neuro is treating a patient for complaints of leg pain/leg weakness, then obtains an MRI that confirms the existance of a disc herniation and the probability of nerve impingment , and then does further neurological testing (i.e., EMG) that shows specific irregularities with the nerve whose nerve root is adjacent to the level where the disc herniated is located and where the nerve is believed to be impinged based upon a review of the MRI, then I think that individual can be fairly certain in opining that the disc herniation is the cause of the lower leg issues.
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