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Default Green Dot Balls

Originally Posted by high and deep View Post
What is the USTA's position on the use of green balls in tournaments and is anything going to be changing in the next year.

Here in Tennessee they are being used in the 12's novice (level 5's) in some events but not in all level 5's. They are not used in any level 4's or above.

I had heard USTA was going to mandate 12's going to green ball...

Any news or resources would be appreciated
Some clubs in MA use
Penn Control Plus Green Dot Tennis Balls 12 Can Case
The Head Control Plus Green Dot Balls are 25% reduced speed compared to regular duty tennis balls. This ball is designed for full court play. The balls feature a high visibility felt and offer greater control for longer rallies.
Do they qualify for USTA tournaments you mentioned above?
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