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Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
The guy's a cheater, a bully, delusional and beats his wife if she's still living. He's the kind of guy you hire to drown kittens. I don't know a thing about flex league but assume it's matches made up through a computer--tennis and computers don't mix!

What do you get if you win flex league? Unless it's a trip to Hawaii why bother? You'd be better off hanging out at a public tennis center if you don't want to join a club--or hit against a wall or a basket of serves. That "Let's be gentlemen", line was pretty funny though. If you want competition sign up for a tournament where at least you have tournament officials to deal with cheaters. You have my condolences. This was not tennis.
"He's the kind of guy you hire to drown kittens." Maybe he was abused as a child, or just a natural born sociopath or psychopath. Anyway, not the sort of person I signed up to my flex league to meet ... no matter how good a tennis player he might be.

Regarding flex leagues, I disagree with you somewhat. My experience as a member of Tennis Fort Lauderdale (an affiliate of the Tennis League Network) has been totally enjoyable. It's a flex league. Computers have nothing to do with setting up and scheduling matches, which is totally the responsibility of and in control of the participating players.
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