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Between klippermate and gamma:
I think if you want the machine for a short term, like 2-3years and move on to a better machine, then you should get gamma,since it has ratchet system that help you string a bit faster.Bad things about gamma is that its plastic material,etc clamps are not as good as klippermate.
If you want the machine for a long term like me, a college student that would not have money in like next 6-10years, you should go with klippermate.Even though the klippermate does not have ratchet system but after you use it for a long time, you can string it as fast as the gamma.The klippermate are make out of better material, and have life time durability guarantee.

To string on drop weight, you pull the string into the jaw of the drop weight,with right amount of string the drop weight bar would drop parallel to the ground. The ratchet system allow you to adjust the amount of string by turning the knot to adjust without releasing the jaw.For other drop weight such as klippermate you have to release the string in the jaw,and adjust the amount of string by adding or decreasing amount of string.

Stringing is easy, there are bunch of videos on youtube that show you how to string,and when you have problems, just search around the forum for answers.

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