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Originally Posted by lawrencejin View Post
I'm also interested in Hyperion and Tornado as a cross of natural gut. Both poly's are well-rounded in every category without being dominant in any, which I like a lot. My only concern would be their power, which is on the high side -- I can foresee them being unable to tame natural gut's exceptional power.

I see from your signature that you're using Hyperion as a cross of natural gut. Can you tell us how your set-up plays?
I have tried Co-Focus with Pacific Mains, did not like the feel compared to Hyperion or Tornado. Co-Focus seemed to have a plastic feel to it, not sure I described it right, but prefer the feel of Signum Pro. To me Signum Pro felt softer and did everything well. I use the IG Prestige Pro and string Pacific Classic(52) and Signum Pro(4. Thunderstorm is also a great poly. Scorpion plays well also....just trying to pick the winner!
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