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...Regarding flex leagues, I disagree with you somewhat. My experience as a member of Tennis Fort Lauderdale (an affiliate of the Tennis League Network) has been totally enjoyable. It's a flex league. Computers have nothing to do with setting up and scheduling matches, which is totally the responsibility of and in control of the participating players.
I don't know nothin' about flex leagues, and maybe once in a while you encounter a whack job like this creep just like you do anywhere else in life like on the hi-ways or waiting in line at strip clubs. Report him to whoever has authority over the league and maybe with enough compliants in his file he can be banned.

I did have a great time at the Lauderdale TC for a week while traveling through FL. They had a match making service and a lot of serious players. If I were there I would join that club and get all the tennis I needed.
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