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Default My experience with Bosworth

Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
Lee, that's a very nice mail, Jay looks like a cool guy.
Didn't know they build rackets for customers too, i thought only for pro's, strange...
Any idea about the price of such a racket?
Have been using Bosworth rackets for 5 years ... I developed my own design by started with a Wilson prostaff and added lead in various places till it played right.

However, it was not just blind trial and error ... but with use of equations detailed in article by some engineers in California titled "racket science"

Some interesting things ...

Center of compression should be above where you hit ball ... therefore there is no vibration - no damper needed

Moment should be less than .7 newton meters ... allows heavy racket but very light headed and works good at net

Racket should be heavy with 10.5 inch balance point - mine is 18 oz.

Swing weight is over simplified ... swing weight is "moment of inertia" around a point 2.5 inches from the butt of racket.

Ball speed is determined by things:

1. Linear momentum transfer from movement of your body toward net
2. Angular momentum because of rotation of racket at wrist (swing weight effect)
3. Angular momentum because of rotation of racket around shoulder.
4. Angular momentum because of rotation of racket around center of body.

My rackets work quite well and my cost was just cost of rackuet with my specs. is offline   Reply With Quote