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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
The opponent (mixed dubs) was a lady I know well. She is, erm, exuberant on the court. She celebrates her own winners with gusto. She laments errors loudly. Many people, including her partners, find this bothersome. When she was my teammate, some ladies objected to playing with her because they didn't like it (especially the outbursts following their errors).
In the moment, you were in the right to call her on the outburst. However, in the big picture, you failed to correct the situation when you were her teammate or captain. Perhaps this could have been avoided and she could have learnt to control her outburst if there had been more candor and open discussion rather than behind the back sniping.

As far as warning calls for short lobs, I've seen some college and pro doubles and have heard them call out "short" and have not seen a hinderance called. Then again, a lot of those guys will face up to that overhead and still try to get it back in play! For me, I'd rather risk being called for a hinderance than let my guy get creamed.

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