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Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
Which is better? Yeah, I know it all depends on the situation, players, etc... But I notice that pros tend to do more passing shots, whereas club players go to the lob more often. At my local park it's almost comical, as soon as anybody rushes the net up go the lobs even if there's a huge opening dtl or something. Maybe park players all have crap overheads..?? Thoughts...
Must agree with LeeD and Roforot.

I would suppose that pros do more passing shots than lobs, as opposed to amateurs, simply because they stoke the ball so much better than amateur players. I suppose it's also a function of the power of today's game. In the olden days there were a lot more lobs in pro tennis ... at least I think there were.

Also, as you mentioned, most 4.0 and below players don't have really good overheads, so, yeah, you lob them and then most likely they'll just get the ball back in play at best. And at least you've made them work a bit which might pay off later in the match.

Anyway, as per LeeD, and even regarding current accomplished players (say, 5.0 or 5.5 and above) which is better, lob or passing shot, is at least somewhat a matter of circumstances.

Of course, take what I've said with a grain of salt, as I don't have either a good overhead or a good lob, but I do think that after watching tennis for about 40 years I have some appreciation for the game.

Anyway, sort of a cool question, which I think has been fairly well answered by the replies prior to mine. What do you think?
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