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Originally Posted by dlam View Post
Jay Berger has simple but effective way of serving.
He basically starts the serve motion by putting the racket over the right shoulder

I thinking this is so odd, he gets to the back scratch position right away .

Then I thinking, all good servers look slightly different in their deliveries.


All good servers look the same from about the trophy position until contact , so why not simplify the serve the Jay Berger way?

i thinking this may be an effective way to learn and practice the service motion by fast forward to the backscratch position at the vert start of the serve.

As one gets more coordinated with their motion and rhythm then one may wish to abandon this.


i know some of you dont like the BS position.
Please post some videos. Otherwise it's difficult to know exactly what you mean. Also, I don't know what "BS position" means. But am interested to learn. Thanks.
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