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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Fed set that whole point up. his dtl bh was heavy and he was recovering as soon as it left his racquet and was back to center already as murray hit the ball from a defensive position plus his split step was exceptional. these 3 things factors equal time taken away from murray. it was an easy put away because fed was basically waiting for the only reply murray had in that situation. Fed wasn't 'reacting' in this situation. So it's kind of a different situation than yours.

You can go cross court if you see opponent is sprinting to recover. You can deceive and feint going dtl to make him sprint that way. then hit behind.

What's a typical play pattern you use currently?
You're right, I'd be reacting, but I'd still end up hitting the same shot in my skill range. The instant I see a ball to attack come off the racket, I get in on it unless it's those short high ones. Those I stare at for a bit before I move, which is a bad habit (also because I can't always gauge accurately where and how it will bounce, so I'm more cautious about them). I will expect a deep, crosscourt shot, and when I see a short one, I will move up.

My typical pattern... Take everything on the rise and go crosscourt. Occasionally I throw a high topspin down the line or a slice a backhand (been doing more down the line backhand drives recently). I basically only actively think of taking balls on the rise and going crosscourt unless it's short, then I go up the line. Again, I used to be a mindless baseline basher, and I've been trying to improve my shot tolerance so I haven't developed any good play patterns yet.

FYB talked about hitting topspin backhands mixed with short slices crosscourt to create some up and back movement for the opponent, but I'm a bit more wary of that combination because I would probably take the slice with the forehand or hit a slice approach if it wasn't placed very well, so I'm more wary of hitting short slices. I can't really think of what I would attack on a person aside from their generic consistency or a side weakness. I would also prefer to avoid high ball rallies, as I have a one handed backhand... The only thing I can think of to use is low balls (ie slice backhands) but one handers prefer that and from my experience hitting two handers for fun, they probably prefer that too.

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Of course, most important is how good or bad your low volley/half volley is.
If it hits 1' from the baseline, you win the point. If you pop it up in short NML, soft and high, you lose the point.
That is more important than anything else, how good YOU are.
If I hit my standard volley (be it good or bad), then if I'm in a good position at the net, it will be that same volley, no better and no worse. If I hit it while in a bad position, I will very likely miss it. Given the same volleys, they are irrelevant when compared to my position at net.

Also, for the record, my backhand volley is quite good and my forehand volley is much shakier unless it's in doubles. There's not much stick to my forehand volley.

Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
A deep DTL shot is the best choice here.

usually angles and CC is the best option in tennis but if you do that as an approach you will give him a lot of open court.

so I would approach DTL and deep. If you do you force him to a good short angle passing shot or very good DTL because you cover the long cross and DTL pretty good.

to keep him guessing hit an occasional short cross but aimed more for a winner than an approach.

on a cc aproach you have to cross the whole court to get in position at the net

Thought so... So I guess I should keep practicing the crosscourt to have more options?

And holy crap that hole on the crosscourt pass is so much bigger than I thought it was. I always felt it was huge, but looking at the diagram, it's ridiculous!
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