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Originally Posted by hound 109 View Post
Kozlov is one of the top 5 U18s in the country. He could & would beat alot of college players. (Lui is not one of the top 5 U18 girls, although she IS one of the top 3 U12s girls)

I'm not knocking the player. I'm knocking the UofW & the UofW coach who went half way around the world to recruit a player who can't beat a 12 y/o.

So is she on scholarship or not?
See this thread in the college section :

The women's coach at UW, Jill Hultquist, did an interview where she basically said if she couldn't recruit a top 20 blue chip she had to go international because her conference was so summarize my postings, I thought this was bovine excrement...i think I was right. No disrespect to Claire, but this is fairly ridiculous, and a great illustration of why too many coaches are going abroad too soon.
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