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Originally Posted by xFullCourtTenniSx View Post
You're right, I'd be reacting, but I'd still end up hitting the same shot in my skill range.
well, yes technically it's the same shot. but if you want to become a better player you have to think of the mental aspect. Fed in that point was in control. Fed knew it and Andy knew it. Andy's stress level was up. Fed was building up for the kill 3 shots earlier. Once the opportunity came Fed's mind and body was all over it. During the whole point Andy was probably thinking "oh sh*t i'm under attack.... damn.... don't hit to short!!!... shoot!!!... how do i get out of this??.... don't panic!!..... maybe on the next shot if i can just..." then boom! point over. Control of the point is king. Not just the kill shot. That's why analysts and instructors always concentrate on 'taking control of the point'. Once you have control of the point it's an immediate advantage. If you don't have control it's neutral or you're reacting. It's easier to play once you have control.

FYB talked about hitting topspin backhands mixed with short slices crosscourt to create some up and back movement for the opponent, but I'm a bit more wary of that combination because I would probably take the slice with the forehand or hit a slice approach if it wasn't placed very well, so I'm more wary of hitting short slices.
Short slice is effective even if you lose the point. You need to not let an opponent get into a groove. A groove is comfortable. Smart playing is taking time away, putting the opponent in uncomfortable situations and attempting to control points. Hitting cc all day is likely to get someone in a groove. You have to move players up and back too and not hit every ball penetrating through the court. Not every rec player is going to be able to crush every short ball. If they are smart players they won't try to either. then they are at the net and you have a chance to end the point which kind of forces you to be aggressive.

I can't really think of what I would attack on a person aside from their generic consistency or a side weakness. I would also prefer to avoid high ball rallies, as I have a one handed backhand... The only thing I can think of to use is low balls (ie slice backhands) but one handers prefer that and from my experience hitting two handers for fun, they probably prefer that too.
You can also hit repeatedly to their strength. When you get an attackable reply attack to their weakness. Even if you fail you were aggressive and you have mixed it up and you attempted to take control with a plan.

Also you can always work on footwork. If you notice the better a player gets the more they talk about how important footwork is.
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